A million men can tell a woman she is beautiful, but the only time she’ll listen is when it’s said by the man she loves…

This glorious Easter Sunday is when I met this groom-to-be for the first time…and he was in nothing but his underwear.
Reminder to self: Give warning before entering a room, even if the door is wide open.
As he lent out his hand to introduce himself to me, he had this huge grin on his face making an awkward situation even more awkward. But I guess that with all the emotions one feels on a wedding day, ‘shame’ shouldn’t be one of them.

groom writing out his wedding vows

groom and best friend hug in an emotional moment

groomsmen showing off their printed socks

groom and best man tie their ties in front of mirror

dos equis beer bottles leftover from the bachelor party

groomsmen getting ready
So the groom says to me…”I want you to take a picture of this one little detail, but it would require me to pull down my pants.  Would you be okay with that?”
He says this in front of all his groomsmen.
Yes, he opened up a big can of worms.
So I say back to him, “Well, being that I did meet you while you were still in your underwear (looking down at his pants) let’s see this little detail!”
The room filled with laughter by all of the groomsmen who were already cracking jokes of their own.
Oh!  And here’s the little detail (suspenders).  Ha!

grooms suspenders

a groom and his dog

groomsmen pretend to drop the groom

pink boutonnieres on tray

groom and his dog on the wedding day

view of lake travis

makeup artist putting eyeshadow on the bride

the bride's engagement ring on a daisy perfume bottle and jimmy choo shoes

sparkling wedding jewelry displayed on a glass tray

creative getting ready shot of brides mirror reflection taken through a bridesmaids rollers

once in a million gold charm bracelets

bridesmaids excitement while opening their bridesmaids gifts

bride opening up her surprise gift from her soon to be husband

silhouette of bride standing in the doorway

bride holding her bouquet down by her side

bride getting in her wedding gown

This couple definately made it worth my while to spend my Easter Sunday with them.  Their wedding was held at a private waterfront estate called Villa Del Lago that overlooks Lake Travis and the place is seriously stunning!  And so was the bride!

gold love balloons at candy bar

cupcakes and wedding cake with flowers on gold cake stand

blinded out bottle of most champagne and gold wrapped hershey's nuggets chocolate

austin violinists playing at wedding ceremony

wedding guests all standing taking a selfie at the ceremony

bride putting the ring on the grooms finger

really big wedding party including the bridesmaids, wedding couple, flower girls and groomsmen

bridesmaids in pink dresses looking at each other laughing

bridesmaids in pink dresses all striking a pose with their bouquets

bridesmaid in pink dress laughing while holding her bouquet

decorated Mr. and Mrs. gold chivalri chairs

table setting at villa del lago

villa del lago wedding venue

bride standing behind groom looking into camera

back shot of groom and bride kissing in Mr. and Mrs. chairs

groom giving a speech at dinner

bride and groom laugh in each others arms during their first dance while everyone surrounds them watching

groom and groomsmen jump in the air and do a chest bump on the dance floor

wedding guests dancing on the dance floor at a wedding

I second shot this wedding for Andrew Chan Weddings.

Photography: (Parentheses) Photography  |  Venue: Villa Del Lago Events Pavilion  |  Floral Design: Fleurista Designs  |  Caterer: Whole Catering Austin



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Lynnette Davis