“If nothing saves us from death, at least love should save us from life.”  –  Pablo Neruda

I can recall the first time I met Amanda.  It was during her boudoir shoot about a year ago.  She initially contacted me almost a year prior from New Orleans, when she hired me to be her wedding photographer.  So, we’ve had a string of phone convos, emails and back and forth texts already.   This boudoir session was an add-on session she wanted to do on top of her wedding package because she wanted to surprise Jason, her fiancé, with the ‘Little Black Book’ (that I offer exclusively to my boudoir clients) on their wedding day.  My first impression was that she was an easygoing and witty girl.  A bit of a tomboy.  And full of life.  And she ended up rocking that boudoir session!

The day of her wedding, I wasn’t feeling myself at all.  In fact, I think it could possibly go down in the books for being the most painful wedding day that I have ever experienced.  I don’t know what happened to me, but I think I may have gotten food poisoning from a sub sandwich I had threw down right before I showed up.  On top of my not feeling so hot, things weren’t going according to planned because the florist got the delivery days mixed up or something and arrived rather late….the wedding guests were all getting stuck in the rain and traffic resulting of that….and the wedding had to be relocated inside of the building due to the weather change.  Despite it all, Amanda kept her cool and was being so apologetic to both me and my assistant, like it was her fault or something. We simply assured her that ‘It happens.’  What?  Shit.

Let’s rewind to how these two met and how he proposed….they’ve been friends since 2007 and they worked together in the Navy on the USS Barry in Virginia.  He was an engineer, she was boat deck crew.  She moved in with him a few months after he was stationed in New Orleans, Louisiana.  They lived in a small one-bedroom apartment and connected while exploring local bars and restaurants.  One night during a dinner cruise on a local tug boat called the ‘Creole Queen’ they went to the top of the deck for a romantic moment.  She says looking back, she could tell he was nervous.  That’s when he asked someone to “take a picture of them” on his cell phone – he had it set to record.  And that’s when he proposed to her.

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amanda and jason wedding the terrace club dripping springs texas 378

“The quality, beauty and perfection that are in these photos are breathtaking.  We’ve connected so well – Lynnette is such a wonderful person!  Her photos are just amazing and we hope to have her as our photographer for every life event from this point forward!”
– Amanda and Jason



Special thanks to my assistant, Brittany.

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Lynnette Davis