Always listen to your heart because even though it’s on your left side, it’s always right…

Before I tell you about this kick-ass couple, first, let’s talk about that killer dress she wore, am I right?  A girl with great style is a girl after my own heart.  Not only is her dress fabulous, but where I photographed them, Le San Michele, screams style and class and it’s one of my favorite shooting locations.

I’d love to tell you a little about Cole and Aimee’s journey, and who can do that best but Aimee herself? ….
I was sitting in my car when Cole pulled up.  Cole had gotten out of the truck and I immediately looked at my friend and screamed “WHO IS THAT?!”  She responded, “The guy I’ve been trying to get you to meet for a month!”  I turned back to my other friend who was in the back seat and yelled “HE’S MINE!”  And that was that.  I called dibs, he was going to be mine.

It’s pretty obvious to see that Aimee wasn’t interested in Cole at all or anything. 😉

What happened next is nothing short of “The Notebook” kind of loving.  Cole actually happened to be in the military at the time they met and when he had to deploy he asked for Aimee’s address so they could send one another letters.  After a year of letters, emails, and care packages, Cole returned to see Aimee once again.  She told me that the first time she saw him after his year gone, he still took her breath away, just like the first day they met.  And so the saying goes….a city girl from Arizona, fell in love with a country boy, from Devil’s Pocket, Texas.  The rest is history.

I hope you enjoy a small glimpse into their love story.
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Special thanks to my assistant, Marilyn.

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