So, I guess you wanna know a little more about me.

Chances are, you are probably considering a few different photographers right now for your big day.  I don’t blame you for doing your due diligence.

I am secretly hoping that you end up hiring me in the end, but I want it to be a gut instinct because we’ll be spending a lot of time together.

 IF things don’t work out and you do decide to hire someone else, I just ask that you take the time to shoot me a quick email to let me know.

I often get asked a lot of similar questions, so I’ve compiled a list of my most FAQ’s and the answers to them here for you.  If there is anything else that you’d like to know, please feel free to shoot me an email at

Q:  What style do you specialize in?

A:  My style can best be described as editorial, fun, and romantic.

Q:  You edit the photos right?

Q:  How many weddings have you photographed?

I have 150+ weddings under my belt.

Q:  What’s your favorite part of the wedding day?

…   …   …

A:  No really, my favorite part of the wedding day are the couple portraits at sunset and the reception dancing.  And I’ll be honest, more than likely I’ve missed eating breakfast and lunch during your wedding day, so I really do look forward to eating as well to refuel.

Q:  What’s your favorite time of year to shoot?

A:  I especially enjoy shooting weddings during the cooler months because the heat in Texas during the summer is no joke.

Q:  What’s included in your wedding collections?

A:  I offer a few different wedding collections and can also customize a wedding collection to fit your particular needs.  Put simply, my wedding collections may include 1-2 photographers, an online gallery, digital files, an engagement, bridal and/or a boudoir session, and a wedding album.  I also offer rehearsal dinner coverage, an open-air photo booth and morning-after sessions.

Q:  How much are your wedding collections?

Full wedding day coverage begins at $3200.

Elopements begin at $1600.

Portrait sessions begin at $400.

Q:  Do you offer payment plans?

A:  Absolutely!  You can put down a 50% retainer and then pay off your remaining balance in 5 monthly payments.

Q:  Do you accept credit cards?

A:  I accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

Q:  Do you do destination weddings or elopements?

Q:  What happens if I hire you and you can’t be there?

A:  That’s a great question!  IF… worst case scenario… I am not able to make it to your wedding, I have an amazing network of wedding photographer friends/assistants who will cover me.  As a wedding professional myself, I know that this is a significant day for you and you can trust that I will put you in good hands.

Example 1:  It was February 2015 and I had just photographed a wedding the night before and was supposed to be flying to Colorado to photograph another wedding later that day, when I arrived at the airport and got the dreaded news – all flights out of Texas were cancelled due to a winter storm.  Usually, when I book destination weddings, I leave out a couple days earlier just in case.  However, this particular destination wedding was for an old friend of mine who booked me knowing that I was already booked the day before her wedding.  She decided to take a chance and book me anyway because she really wanted to have me photograph her wedding.

Her wedding was to take place up at a ski lodge and there would only be 2 sleighs bringing the wedding party and guests up the mountain.  If you missed any of them, then you weren’t making the wedding.  I did the math in my head and realized that even if I drove the 16 hours in that nasty, un-safe weather, I wouldn’t have made it in time.  So, I went to my trusty network of professional photographers and not one, but two pretty awesome chicks ended up driving from over 4 hours away to save the day.  Keep in mind, the weather in Colorado at this time wasn’t ideal either.  These professionals got there ahead of time to get all of the getting ready pictures, stayed all the way until the exit, and even took the time to get some morning after pictures of the couple.

Example 2:  About a year later, another couple from out of town contacted me and were so excited to book me as their wedding photographer.  I checked their wedding date on my calendar and I was available, so I booked them.  It was solidified with a signed contract where they stated their wedding date, and there were multiple emails where this particular wedding date was mentioned again and again by them.

And then one day, what was supposed to be the day before their booked wedding date, I got a call from their maid-of-honor asking where I was.  I told her I was at the mall with my sisters who had just flew in to visit me from Hawaii.  She then asked why I wasn’t at the wedding.  Say what?!?  I told her that I have it in all of my records that the wedding wasn’t until tomorrow and she assured me that it was that day.  Luckily, I made a few phone calls to my network of wedding photographer friends and got an amazing gal who was literally about 15 minutes down the road from their venue.  She made it in time to cover me until I could make the 3-hour drive out there with my assistant.  Talk about stop, drop and roll.

And because you hired me for my particular style, I always make sure to get the files from the back-up photographers and process them all myself for you too.

Q:  Do you have back-up equipment?

A:  Why of course I do!

Q:  How long after the wedding do we see the photos?

A:  Post-processing times vary depending on the season and my workload, but it typically takes approximately 12 weeks.  I do have a client lounge area accessible 24/7 where my clients can see my work queue and where they are in line.  I also offer rush services if you need the images back sooner.

Q:  I’m pretty sure I want to hire you, but I still need to meet with another photographer.  Will you hold my date?

A:  Unfortunately, I cannot reserve wedding dates without a paid retainer.

Q:  How long have you lived in Texas?

A:  I am a Hawaii born & raised, Texas transplant and I have lived here for the past 7+ years now.  I absolutely love it!

Q:  Tell me more!

A:  This is me.  I’m down to earth.  I greet people with hugs instead of handshakes.  And as cliche as it may sound, my #1 passion is photography.  I know, I know… but it’s true!  Interior Decorating is my #1 1/2 passion.  I love it just as much as photography, if not more.

I’m in love with cities I’ve never been to and people I’ve never met.  I believe the best thing to hold on to in life is each other …and your photographs… because everyone needs pictures of themselves that they can one day show to their grandchildren to say “This was us!”  I appreciate imperfect moments.  I’m humble enough to know I’m not better than anybody and wise enough to know I’m different than the rest. I have the mouth of a sailor and the heart of a lion.  I’m very competitive, although I usually only compete with myself.  And I believe that good things come to those who wait work their butt off!

I’m an extroverted introvert and can go on and on, but I really feel like you’d get a better sense of the way I can serve you by reading what some of my past clients have said about working with me.

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Lynnette Davis