Bride with horseIf there is ever one thing you need to know about me, it’s that I am in a committed relationship with caffeine + kindness.  Caffeine because #Starbucks and kindness because it doesn’t cost a damn thing.  Let’s sprinkle that shit everywhere and throw kindness around like confetti!

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Attitude is a little thing that makes a BIG difference.  A great attitude becomes a great day…which becomes a great week…which becomes a great month…which becomes a great year…which becomes a great life.

In other words…Ixnay on being an Idezillabray!  In case you don’t know, that’s Bridezilla in pig latin. If you happen to be a Bridezilla, girl bye!

Trust me, I get it!  Getting married is a big deal and there are a lot of emotions involved.  Yes, it’s your wedding and you should do what you please, but if your loved ones and your wedding vendors (who are making it all happen by the way), are all rooting for you, then you owe it to us to make us feel appreciated.

p.s. No Oomzillagray’s either! (a.k.a. Groomzilla)

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My dream clients are fashion-forward, unique, and of course, did I already say that I love working with nice people?  I photograph people who know how to have fun and not take things too seriously… for men who love you more than you love them… and for grandparents who refuse to get off the dance floor.

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I know I’m going to crumble, I’m trying to stay humble, but I never think before I say.  So, I’ll just let you see what my clients had to say instead because actions speak louder than words.

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First Look at Allan House

I’m not just an Austin Wedding Photographer.  I photograph Destination Weddings & Elopements as well and frequently travel between Hawaii and Virginia and everywhere in-between.  I love traveling!  You won’t even need to twist my arm or anything.  So, if you a) love my style and b) are super rad and place photography at the top of your priority list, then please contact me because I don’t ever want to know life without you.

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Lynnette Davis